A family of Orphans in Gisagara

I haven’t been the most eager blogger lately, so I think it’s about time for me to post something. The last few weeks have been very good. Had a couple of fun weekends in Kigali, then Lotte, our new Norwegian boss came to visit. We hung out, had meetings and talked about different things with regards to working in Rwanda.

Three of the siblings relaxing in the shade, Diane (12), Delfine (14) and Francois (7).

The 26th of January we also were in for a little treat. Since the information department in the Norwegian Red Cross needed our help in gathering some information about kids receiving help from the Norwegian OVC (orphans and vulnerable children) project, we went to visit a small family in Gisagara.

Delfine is grinding the rice we'll have for lunch later - the first meal of the day.

Before lunch the older children cultivate the small fields surrounding the house with the help from the neighbors.

The family was more accurately five orphans between the age of seven and 18. The oldest girl and boy had quit school to be able to have food on the table for the younger ones. All of the children participate in the chores of the household, and mostly they grow their own food – beans, rice, bananas and cassava.

After each time the rice has been ground the shells has to be separated from the rest.

Emmanuel (16) lights the fire they use to cook lunch for the family - today it is rice and beans.

The support they receive from the Norwegian Red Cross is help with school materials, mosquito nets, cooking utensils, seeds for planting, free medical care, blankets and jerry cans to collect water. The family is living a hard life, but as much as a cliché as it might sound like, they were happy.

You can support the work of the Norwegian Red Cross here.



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2 responses to “A family of Orphans in Gisagara

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  2. Anne Stokke

    nice pictures.

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